about us

advnt is an annual advertising portfolio book published by students at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications (UFCJC). Simply put, our mission is to showcase the best of creative student work in advertising design, branding, and writing produced at UF. The publication you hold in your hands is the grown-up version of a picture book. Marketing professionals like to pick these kinds of things up and peruse them for fun. A good strategy for any UF advertising student is to be featured in advnt. It shows you stand out amongst your peers. A good strategy for any advertising executive is to browse advnt for talented people. We’re where they look for professional grade work.

advnt circulates the portfolio to advertising agencies and UFCJC leadership. We also provide featured students with a copy they can take to job interviews, show to employers, and brag to coworkers about. We’re striving to make advnt a one-stop shop for advertising at UF. advnt is created by a handful of motivated students. We make sure to have fun while we’re at it, anchoring each year’s edition to a central theme in advertising.